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Published music tracks and updates

I will share here more details of my music production. Articles, news on my community pages also will be available.


This music track was made using some of  unique  instruments as MHC`s Ambientkeys and custom designed patches.
I have been using more than one host software and various VST and Kontakt instruments were combined in this track.


Remixed earlier music track

This earlier space ambient music track was remixed through analogue device and has a new image. Also simulates analogue LP noises and sound character as much was possible using the original sound track.  

Paintings featured in my music tracks
 ©  Grandfailure ,   © Liuzishan,
 (c) outsiderzone ,  © 3000ad

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New music track:   Horizons

This music track features ambient and classic synthesizer sounds and female vocal.  Music was composed for the project “hyperjump”.  This music is going to be remixed and rearranged later.



I have been creating digital artworks and tech photos.  HDR and artistic post processing make these photos unique

In details and colors. My digital artworks usually based on 3D fractal rendering and  hand painting.

UFOandForest-attilasebo69_wm blackholes-attilasebo_wm boxAndPlaned-attilasebo_wm RedStarIntoHyperspace-attilasebo_wm LCD-PCB-attilasebo-small_wm MotherboardAudioJack-1-1-attilasebo_wm NotebookMotherboard-attilaseboshopHDR_wm

My ”Long Focus” HDR macro technology photos

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